Travel to Sri Lanka in 2021

Travel to Sri Lanka 2021

Is it possible to travel to Sri Lanka in 2021?

How will post-Covid travel be like in Sri Lanka?

Do I need to take PCR tests to travel to Sri Lanka in 2021?

These are the most asked questions at the moment. The good news right now is that the Airport has been open since January 21. Actually more than 10.000 tourists have arrived so far this year. A new update in the rules in April, makes it easier to travel to Sri Lanka if you are vaccinated. I will go through all in this article.

Last update. April 7 2021:

The first update, January 2021:

First of all I just want to say that the rules are really strict now in the beginning – January 2021.

I am positive that the rules will be eased, possibly before the the summer. As we, hopefully, will se the Covid 19 situation around the world will be more under control, and more people will be vaccinated.

And definitely before the next winter season – November & December 2021 – hopefully it will be much easier for people to come on holiday to Sri Lanka.

Travel to Sri Lanka in 2021

The rules for travel to Sri Lanka (from Jan 2021) :

– You need to go through 4 PCR tests (The first 96 hours before travel, one at arrival, one after 5-7 days and the last after 10-14 days in the country.

– You need to stay the 14 days in “Safe & Secure” Certified, Level 1 Hotels.

– Hotels and transport need to be pre booked.

– You need a Covid 19 Insurance to travel to Sri Lanka.

– Visa need to be applied for online before travel to Sri Lanka.

The rest of the rules, and more details explained in the video below.

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The best reason to travel in 2021?

I believe this might be a chance in a life time to experience Sri Lanka without lot of tourists.

You can go to famous sights and places like Sigiriya, Dambulla, Kandy, Ella and Yala safari – and still stay away from crowds.

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Travel to Sri Lanka Sigiriya

Useful links for more information about travel to Sri Lanka:



Ministry of Health Guidelines for Airport Opening on 23rd January 2021:

Sri Lanka Tourism Operational Guidelines with Health Protocols:…

Updates April 7, 2021: PDF: Direct link to the .PDF:

Statistic on Tourist Arrivals to Sri Lanka:

Travel to Sri Lanka 2021 The rules

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