sunday market in Hikkaduwa

The Sunday Market in Hikkaduwa

Visit the Sunday market in Hikkaduwa town. This is the best place to buy your fruits and vegetables.

Maybe try some types of fruit you have never seen before.

In addition you will find fish, spices, plastic containers, cups and more.

When to visit the Sunday market in Hikkaduwa?

This might not come as a shock: The Sunday Market is held every Sunday.

Sunday Market Vegetables Hikkaduwa

The market is year round, come rain or sun shine.

If you want to experience the market at its liveliest you should come early in the morning. From 08 to 11 is a good time to visit.

Some stalls close when they sold out, and after 12 most vendors leave.

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Be ECO-friendly

Bring your own bag.

Say no to plastic!

Have you been to the Sunday Market in Hikkaduwa?

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