Safe and Secure Hotels in Hikkaduwa

Safe and Secure Hotels in Hikkaduwa

All tourists need to stay the first 14 days in one of the Safe and Secure Certified Hotels, f.ex in Hikkaduwa.

However, of the hundreds of hotels in Hikkaduwa, yet only four are registered as safe and secure. Of them again, only 2 is certified as a Safe and secure, level 1 hotel. And again only one of those are actually accepting bookings from foreign tourists at the moment.

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How to book a hotel in Hikkaduwa now in 2021?

Let´s start from the beginning.

The Airport opened up again for tourists on January 21, 2021. After being closed since April 2020.

Upon reopening, a set of strict rules and regulations were imposed.

Read the blog post about the rules and regulation: Travel to Sri Lanka in 2021.

Travel to Sri Lanka in 2021

What does “Safe and Secure” mean?

SLTDA is in charge for the certification. On the official page Sri Lanka – Travel, you will find the complete and updated list of the certified hotels.

This is how they explain it:

  • The ‘Safe & Secure’ certificate is being awarded to tourism establishments and service providers that have been audited, and met the requirements of the COVID-19 Health Protocol.
  • The certified service providers should maintain the highest operational standards at all times and act with responsibility when conducting tourism activities during COVID-19 pandemic. 

The safe and Secure Hotels in Hikkaduwa:

  • Citrus Hotel, Hikkaduwa
  • Coral Sands Hotel
  • Haritha Villas + Spa    
  • Riff Hotel Hikkaduwa

However, after registration the hotels themself can choose if they want to be registered as “Level 1”, or “Other registration”.

Level 1 is the only option to book for foreign tourists, for their first 14 days in Sri Lanka. When a hotel is Level 1 certified, they can not accept local bookings.

For this reasons, some of the hotels chose to be registered without Level 1 for the time being. And bby doing that, still accept local guests.

For more information, watch the YouTube video: only 4 secure hotels in Hikkaduwa!

At the moment, Coral Sands Hotel is the only hotel you can book for your first 14 days in Sri Lanka. (last updated, Feb 7 – 2021)

Please note that this information will possibly change.

I will try to keep this page updated, when I receive more information.

Do you have comments, questions or concerns – please comment and I will get back to you!

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