Youtube design with canva

How to make YouTube design with Canva

In this post I will share some great tips to make nice looking YouTube design with Canva.

YouTube is a great place to promote your business or brand.

To show the best side of your business to the world, it is a good idea to have a professional look in your Youtube videos

I will show 3 examples of design you can make for you Youtube Channel:

  • Youtube Intro
  • Youtube Outro (/End Screen)
  • Youtube Shorts

How to make a YouTube Intro design with Canva:

It´s important to have a nice intro to your YouTube videos. This makes it look more professional.

The free tool, Canva, is a great place to make your intro. With Canva it´s easy to get the correct dimensions for the video. You can add video, text, animations and music – with just a few clicks.

Please see this easy to follow tutorial for beginners:

How to make a YouTube Outro design with Canva:

You shoud make a nice YouTube Outro – or End Screen as YouTube call them. The Outro is where you can promote other videos or playlists to your viewers, that is relevant for them.

A YouTube Outro is also a good tool to get more subscribers.

I am using Canva to make Outro / End Screen for my YouTube Channels. In the video below, I will show you how to make an Outro using Canva.

You will learn how to make a nice Outro with video, text, animation and music, that you can easily use on your YouTube Channel. This is a quick, simple tutorial – for beginners.

How to make a YouTube SHORTS design with Canva:

Youtube Shorts is a new, and really effective way to get more views on your Youtube channel.

My shorts videos usually get 10 times as many views as the normal videos.

What is Youtube Shorts?

Youtube shorts design with canva

The 3 most important steps:

  • use dimension: 1080 X 1920 (portrait).
  • use #shorts in title, tags and descriptions.
  • The video has to be less than 60 seconds.

This and more, I will explain in the video tutorial below.

I will show you a really easy way to make YouTube Shorts, using the free tool Canva. Canva will help you to get the correct dimensions, and to add a nice design. This will make the video fun to watch.

Try Canva for free!

Start making super nice design for your business today!

(Follow the linked image below, for more details)

This blog posts is about MARKETING. How to promote your business in Hikkaduwa to the world. YouTube and Canva is 2 tools I recommend.

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