Hikkaduwa for everyone

Hikkaduwa has something for everyone!

Young, seniors and families, all enjoy their holiday in this famous beach town.

In addition to relaxing beach life on one of the longest and finest beaches in the country, there are also a good selection of  activities available:

  • Surfing, “boogieboard”, swimming or playing in the waves.
  • Scuba diving or snorkelling with large sea turtles
  • Cozy beach restaurants and lively bars.
  • Charming shopping in town.
  • Yoga and Ayurvedic massage
  • Many interesting day trips in the surrounding area.
Snorkling Hikkaduwa guide

Hikkaduwa is not one of those deserted beach resorts with just sea, untouched nature and no people. Here in Hikkaduwa there are beach restaurants, people and happenings. An eclectic mix of Backpackers, surfers, retirees, families with children and honeymooners!

Hikkaduwa surfing swim

Although Hikkaduwa has been a popular destination for sun-seekers for decades, it is still not too touristy. You will still find the authentic Sri Lankan charm and can witness the everyday life of the local residents.

Seenigama Temple Hikkaduwa

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