Safe and Secure Hotels in Hikkaduwa

All tourists need to stay the first 14 days in one of the Safe and Secure Certified Hotels, f.ex in Hikkaduwa.

However, of the hundreds of hotels in Hikkaduwa, yet only four are registered as safe and secure. Of them again, only 2 is certified as a Safe and secure, level 1 hotel. And again only one of those are actually accepting bookings from foreign tourists at the moment.

A bit confused?

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Travel to Sri Lanka 2021

Is it possible to travel to Sri Lanka in 2021?

How will post-Covid travel be like in Sri Lanka?

Do I need to take PCR tests to travel to Sri Lanka in 2021?

These are the most asked questions at the moment. The good news right now is that the Airport has been open since January 21. Actually more than 10.000 tourists have arrived so far this year. A new update in the rules in April, makes it easier to travel to Sri Lanka if you are vaccinated. I will go through all in this article.

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How to make YouTube design with Canva

In this post I will share some great tips to make nice looking YouTube design with Canva.

YouTube is a great place to promote your business or brand.

To show the best side of your business to the world, it is a good idea to have a professional look in your Youtube videos

I will show 3 examples of design you can make for you Youtube Channel:

  • Youtube Intro
  • Youtube Outro (/End Screen)
  • Youtube Shorts
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